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Moving house was straightforward and stress-free with House Movers on the job, and for that I was incredibly thankful.

  • Helena F.
  • 31May 2017

I was moving out of the pub I had run for years and needed a reliable removal company to take my belongings to my new place on the coast. Everything needed to go on one load. Luckily Home Removal were able to oblige and arranged the best moving experience I have ever had. Thanks!

  • Rene Osborne
  • 02Dec 2015

There is no doubt about it, you won't find a company comparable to House Removals London. They really are one of a kind in terms of their services and their prices and their amazing team of dedicated movers. You can't deny the fact that this is a truly brilliant company. So if you need help and expert advice, I would definitely choose this company. They are the best around and unlike so many companies, don't expect you to pay the earth.

  • Marvin Woods
  • 17Dec 2014

I didn't have much money to spare for my recent move, which is why I would recommend House Removals London to anybody on a tight budget! When you ring up you'll be given a thorough list of all the company's services and their prices. There really is something for everyone, and for someone like me, who has rather a lot of stuff, but not that much spare cash, I was advised to do all my own packing and preparation, saving me heaps of money during the move!

  • Stacey Maloney
  • 24Nov 2014

I hate moving house and it's something that I dread for weeks in advance. This time around I decided to hire professional help and hired a man and a van from House Removals London after a friend had a good experience with the company. This service really helped me to get a stress-free moving day, and I found myself almost relaxed! The van was loaded professionally and speedily, as well as with great care, and I found myself way ahead of schedule! I've had loads of time to unpack and the service was pretty cheap as well. A great company!

  • Lucy D.
  • 07Oct 2014

I am extremely pleased with how well the removal went last week. House Removals London turned up on time, and they got everything in to the van with ease. There was a fair bit of heavier furniture, that I wondered about, but it was all very much a case of in and out for the team. We got there safely, with a few hours to unload, and the team made light work of that as well! All in all, it was a massive success, and I can't thank the people who were involved enough! A great company, and an excellent value service for all!

  • John Barnes
  • 27Aug 2014

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